Fair warning: external links should work, internal links probably not. This is a work in progress tapped out on a phone during my mass-transit commute.

Can never tell at what point coworkers become colleagues become friends, but it’s definitely clear as day when you have to say goodbye.

Thinking about link content-types. I’ve always appreciated John Gruber’s design of link posts (daringfireball.net/linked). Headline is an external link, star character in footer is the entry bookmark link.

Sketching markup for a note (indiewebcamp.com/notes) and wondering how this content-type should look, feel, and behave having just watched Chris Tse talking about the architecture of cards (cardstack.io). Also teasing wisdom from @adactio and @glennjones approach. Should there be a character limit (e.g., 144-char like Twitter, 256-char App.net). trying to keep in mind how to structure my CSS so I can better manage content-type differences (i.e., note, article, link, photo, image, etc.)