Considered, Re- / Ill-

I’m reconsidering my characterization of the Paul Hunt’s Source family of fonts. I was being a bit snarky — I genuinely like Source Code Pro and have been using it for many months now. I haven’t spent as much time using Source Sans Pro however; and of course Source Serif Pro has only been recently released.

My primary development machine has a weary display from that leaves these typefaces feeling serviceable if perhaps a bit smudged. But on my higher resolution mobile device display they are quite appealing.

I spend a good amount of time reading articles in Instapaper; enjoying the reading experience of Mitja Miklačič’s FF Tisa (serif). And due to the dearth of typographic options at the office, I’ve been longing for the typographic wealth of my early career — especially Jackson Burke’s Trade Gothic Bold Condensed #20.

But over the last few days I’ve warmed to the idea of using the Source super-family. The strongest pull may be it’s thoroughness in differentiating similar glyphs. We’ll see where this leads.

PS — I spent much of the evening questioning my long-forgot decisions to preserve the odd rendering in my flame icon. Another rabbit-hole to tumble down. I’m enjoying these silly self-indulgences. And this particular design element might make for an interesting memoir.